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Weed For Warriors Project is a social justice lifestyle brand supporting holistic rehabilitation for veterans through community-based projects, proactive care advocacy, cannabis education and compassion WFWP urges change for the empowerment of the people.

Grow for Vets USA Provides Medical Cannabis to our Veterans


The Veterans Cannabis Coalition is an independent, self-funded advocacy group dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition and driving the research and development of cannabis-based treatments through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


VCO was founded by Sgt. Waddell McGee, Combat Medic to bring wellness products directly to the veterans community.

After dedicating himself to years of service in the military, he retired and opened up several non-profits to help veterans and their families better educate themselves on the benefits available to them. VCO is a center for veterans and their families to get MMJ advice and hemp products curated for their lifestyle.

By partnering up with cultivators and cannabis producers throughout the United States, VCO is able to offer trusted wellness products for veterans and their families of all varieties.

While we spend our days dedicated to finding the most reliable products, you can sit back and enjoy them.

Medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids for veterans


Like many veterans, the rigors of military service took a toll on Air Force veteran and DAV life member Jarid Watson’s body. He’s not sure when exactly it happened—perhaps during physical training or while loading and unloading cargo planes as a member of the world-famous U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds—but at some point during his nearly 12 years in uniform, a bone growth on the ball joint of his hip tore his labrum and damaged much of the surrounding cartilage.

The injury brought on chronic pain for Watson and eventually led to his medical retirement from the military in 2016. It also severely affected his sleep, which in turn negatively influenced his motivation and mood. As a father, husband, entrepreneur and student, he knew something had to be done to combat the pain and restore his ability to get a good night’s rest, for the benefit of himself, his family, his career and his studies.

For Watson, there was only one choice.

Veterans will never pay to have their medical card as long as I have a Breath left in my body.

Kevin Edmundson