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We have a medical healthcare plan customized for your health needs.

We help patients access low-cost healthcare and high-quality medical services using telemedicine, we bring the doctor to the patient! This plan is perfect for anyone who needs affordable healthcare.

Our patients can place order medication refills, labs or see a doctors from your safe space. Family plans available.

*Patients can receive a free assessment to use marijuana, patients must pay state fees and taxes. Marijuana is a class one narcotic.

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*florida patients must see doctor in person



+Level 1


Whether you’re a patient looking for medical care, or a doctor who provides it, Telehealth keeps us connected. Lifestyle tracking of weight, exercise,steps and sleep.


NO Pharmacy


$150 Yr / Healthcare


+level 2


CannaCareRx is your Pharmacy Program created to give you access to over 605 Medications for FREE at one low membership price! Enhance symptom management.


Pharmacy Plan

Self-Pay or Health Ins. 

$480 Yr. 


+Level 3


Therapy covered by Medicare, designed for you Instantly connect with expert licensed therapists by text, phone, or online video chat on your schedule. 


Pharmacy Plan

Self-Pay or Health Ins.

$150 1st Exam


+Level 4


Get started for as low as $30/month and get the all-new WHOOP, Fitbit or Tone for free, plus instant access to the latest app updates, coaching features, community, and more. 


Pharmacy Plan

Self-Pay or Health Ins.

$480 Down


+Level 5


Many of us have familys suffering from altierzers. Early detection,with our tracking technolgy can help reduce emergency calls for  family members.


Pharmacy Plan

Self-Pay or Health Ins.

Plans price based on service

Mental health care tailored to your needs +MENTAL

Take a step toward your mental well-being with our trusted online therapy platform, enhanced with a digital toolbox. Text and video sessions Journaling and mood tracking tools comprehensive therapy plan

Early symptom detection

With an RPM solution, healthcare providers continuously receive real-time patient health data. The solution monitors physiological parameters and provides relevant information about the disease or injury progression. This information can help you tune the treatment process, prevent possible epiphenomena, and avoid emergencies in chronic care management. For example, you can control a patient’s response to prescribed medication and timely change the treatment plan if needed. Moreover, early symptom detection with RPM can help reduce emergency room utilization and readmission rate. Thus, using remote patient monitoring technology, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center reduced hospital readmissions by 76%.

Increased patient engagement and satisfaction

With remote monitoring, patients feel confident in their successful recovery even outside of clinical settings as they understand that their health conditions are monitored 24/7. Also, patients can actively take part in the treatment process by using notifications related to the course of their treatment plan. In fact, recent studies prove that RPM software can increase patient satisfaction rates. For example, 25% of surveyed healthcare organizations noted improvement in patient satisfaction rates after deployment of remote patient monitoring technology.