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Elevated States Membership provides the best health and wellness offering out there. Including savings
everyday on your medical-cannabis. Your Elevated States Membership Includes:
Savings on Medical-Cannabis Everyday
-You save at least 10% on medical-cannabis purchases at all Member First Health Network locations. You know
what you spend annually, but the average person spends between $1200 and $3600 per year. So that means as
you save hundreds each year.
Supporting the Advancement of Medical
-Elevated States membership means you help support the advancement of medical-cannabis.
You are a full Elevated States Member.
General Health and Wellness Programs and Savings
-General Health and Wellness Savings, one of the best array of offerings available. These additional benefits can
save you thousands on health and wellness offerings including traditional pharmaceuticals and more.
General Programs, Products and Services
-Extra general offerings, programs, and savings on multiple goods and services. In addition to health and
wellness programming and savings, Elevated States membership includes savings on other goods and service. All
provided exclusively for Elevated States Members. This list continues to grow everyday.
Lifestyle health and Wellness Digest
-Your Elevated States Membership includes enrollment in “ Lifestyle Health and Wellness”. This valuable digest
of information comes at least once a month and is packed with thoughts, ideas, tips, offerings and much more.
CannaLnx Community Membership
-Elevated States Membership include member ship in the robust CannaLnx Community. CannaLnx includes
dispensary and pharmacy locators, access to community forums, valuable information about advances in
medical cannabis. I provides high touch communications between you and your physician and much more.
Benefits Added Every Month
The Elevated State membership is an evloving program. As such, there are additional offerings and benefits
added each month. Thus adding to the already huge value of membership.


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Monoclonal Antibody Treatments (MAB) for COVID-19 can prevent severe illness, hospitalization and death among high-risk individuals. This treatment is available widely in Florida.

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