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CannaCare Rx University

The key to everything we are doing with customers, staff and partners is extending not just products, but knowledge and education

Cannabinoids have a place in each phase of the human life cycle, and personal health challenges only increase the earnestness with which a consumer will pursue and value information.

Develop cost effective patient monitoring, patient diagnosis,
treatment, maintenance protocols and methods showing efficacy
using all available patient health data.

About Natural Dental Relief

We at NDR, create these natural and holistic products specifically to assist you in providing your patients with a great in-office experience along with a faster and easier recovery. We support these products with unparalleled educational programs.

We would love the opportunity to be part of your practice. We have provided this short video as an introduction to NDR and we hope you find it helpful.

About Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a research-fueled and community-minded CBD oil company that controls the process from seed to sale, guaranteeing the highest and most consistent product quality. We operate with total transparency, keeping our fields, processing facility, laboratories and products open to consumers.

Dragonfly offers a range of pure CBD lifestyle products in the United States. As demand grows for CBD health supplements, we will continue to strive to be the go-to producer and supplier of Cannabidiol for both businesses and consumers.

About Beeline Wellness

We’ve all had to watch someone we care about battle cancer. Aggressive treatments like chemotherapy can be nearly as unpleasant as the disease itself. Nausea and frequent vomiting can ravage a recovering body, depleting vital nutrients, and attacking the immune system at the exact time when we need our bodies most to battle the disease. 

About our partners Aevum Therapy

Aevum Therapy is the most advanced topical skin product ever created!

Our Aevum RiboGold HempX anti-aging and therapeutic skin care products are CBD based super anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial topical preparations that feature gold nanoparticles (GNPs) functionalized with D-Ribose, peptides, and Kitosan.

Aevum Therapy spent over 7 years in development and emerged with the most advanced nanogold fabrication process possible. This process is far more complex and superior to normal nanogold processes and far less expensive.

Our revolutionary new process allows us to manufacture the basis for all of our products, AUREGEN at a greatly reduced cost resulting in the most advanced nanoparticle product there is.  Now, everyone can enjoy the benefits of improved health that AEVUM Therapy affords them.

Aevum Scientific Documentation

Aevum Therapy has an extensive document library to back up the claims of our product line.  Please feel free to download and review at your convenience.

Our latest white paper on Transdermal Patches


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CBD Studies:

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Chitosan (kitosan) Studies

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D-Ribose Studies

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Gold Nano-Particle (GNP) Studies

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Peptide Studies

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Free Covid-19 Rapid Test

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Treatments Available Now

Monoclonal Antibody Treatments (MAB) for COVID-19 can prevent severe illness, hospitalization and death among high-risk individuals. This treatment is available widely in Florida.

Individuals 12 years and older who are high-risk, that have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19, are eligible for this treatment. Treatment is free and vaccination status does not matter. Learn more here.