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Our Mission is to help you Live the Life You Want Neuropathy Free!

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Our Mission is to help you Live the Life You Want Neuropathy Free!

I have included these two conditions together because medicinal cannabis treats both neuropathies and intractable pain in the same way. It is a cure for neither but treats the symptoms of both.

Communication of pain throughout the body is mediated by endocannabinoids interacting with cannabinoid and other receptor-based signaling systems. Cannabis cannabinoids also interact with these receptors, enabling the analgesic effects of cannabis on several kinds of pain, including neuropathy.

Molecules to target neuropathy and pain

Both THC and CBD molecules are effective for treating neuropathy. A small amount of CBG also increases the medicine’s analgesic effects. CBC, CBDa, and THCA also appear to be beneficial cannabinoids.

As usual, myrcene can be beneficial for synergizing the other terpenes and encouraging sleep. Limonene is suggested for its mood-enhancing properties and pinene for its ability to promote focus. In addition, linalool often is beneficial for its calming effect. The terpenes with anti-inflammatory properties are beta myrcene, beta-Caryophyllene, pinene, borneol, 1,8- cineole, and delta-3-carene. In addition, eucalyptol has some pretty powerful Antinociceptive properties. I believe that’s why kola bears look so healthy all the time.

Dosing for neuropathy and pain

Once again, the key to treating neuropathies and pain is finding the correct dose. The dosage should be effective as an analgesic but not cause unwanted adverse effects such as excessive levels of psychoactivity, sedation, or dizziness. A randomized, controlled trial with small, inhaled doses of 9 percent THC cannabis demonstrated effective pain relief below the typical threshold of psychoactivity. The results of this trial are significant because they demonstrate the unexpected medical effectiveness of cannabis dosage levels that are far below the threshold of psychoactivity.  

In the aforementioned study led by Mark Ware, a single inhalation of cannabis (25 milligrams of cannabis with 9.4 percent THC by dry weight) decreased pain intensity in post-traumatic or post-surgery-induced neuropathic pain, as measured by a numeric rating scale. This translates to a dose of less than 2 milligrams of THC, well below the threshold for psychoactivity. If doses this low prove effective in future studies, concern about the adverse effects of cannabis as a medication will decrease. 

Methods of ingestion

Oral and sublingual/buccal cannabis medicines are effective for the relief of neuropathic pain symptoms. Conventional cannabis edibles are widely used among patients frequenting California cannabis dispensaries. The advantage of oral cannabis medicines is they provide four to six hours of pain relief.

Vaporization is particularly effective in treating neuropathy and has the advantage of virtually immediate pain relief.

Special thanks to David Dawson  for all content from his books. & Dr. Bao Thai D.C – Our Education, research and Dreams starts with Visionary’s like them .

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