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For thousands of years, cannabis has been used to address symptoms associated with anxiety. Low doses of THC must be used because there is considerable evidence that large doses can trigger anxiety and paranoia in susceptible individuals.

Molecules to target anxiety

The first cannabinoid I think of when it comes to anxiety is CBD. CBD kills anxiety like Raid kills cockroaches. In addition, CBG should also be targeted because it inhibits the uptake of GABA, which results in a decrease in anxiety.

A tiny amount of THC should likely be included in the mix because of its ability to mitigate the other two cannabinoids. Again, a low dose is critical.

The terpenes that have anti-anxiety properties are Linalool and Myrcene. I would also recommend limonene for its mood-enhancing qualities and linalool for its calming effect. 

Best method of ingestion 

Vaporization is probably the best method of ingestion for anxiety because the patient quickly learns to titrate the proper dose.