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CEO / Founder

Kevin Edmundson is the CEO Of Cannacare Medical Group attended  the University of Oklahoma where he received his master’s degree in their Master of Science in Health Care Administration (HCA) program. 

Soon after graduation Kevin while waiting to enter medical school suffered a major stroke and was also diagnosed with colon cancer. In an attempt to alleviate his pain, doctors put him on a regimen of opiates and other medications that eventually lead to his dependence on these pills for over 35 years. Not only did the life-long opioid addiction debilitate his body, but he also believes the 120+ pills he was taking each day – all prescribed by his doctors – eventually lead to his developing colon cancer and, shortly thereafter, a stroke. 

It wasn’t until Kevin’s wife, Jocelyn, encouraged him to try a cannabis oil called “Rick Simpson Oil” that he was able to not only eliminate virtually all 25 different medications he was taking, but also recover from his cancer and stroke so that he could once again speak, walk, and hug his family. 

Kevin says his personal ordeal led him to a nuanced understanding of the molecular diversity of the total cannabis plant, and the potential of the myriad of cannabinoids – beyond just THC and CBD – plant medicine has a powerful, if not life-changing, human impact.  

Kevins Cannacare Medical Group and Cannacare Healthcare, a national  telehealth network.

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