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As an individual begins to age hormone levels begin their process of depleting and over time lacking the necessary amounts for a stable health.

Hormones are a key function for communication throughout the human body and as hormone levels depreciate so does communication. The sex stimulating hormones Infinity Medical Institute restores are responsible for several body functions and the root of the cause for numerous age related symptoms and diseases.


Throughout our life we are bound to experience a lot of changes to both our physical and mental states. In many cases, the changes are affected by the stability of our hormone levels. As we age, these levels begin to deplete causing adverse affects. In most cases, the depletion of our hormones takes place gradually losing about 2% of our hormone levels per year.

It isn’t ironic that we also lose about 2% of our muscle mass and gain about 1-2 pounds a year as well. It usually isn’t until we reach middle age that we start to recognize and experience the negative affects and symptoms associated with diminishing hormone levels.

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Bio-natural hormone replacement therapy was developed to help minimize hormone loss and help rebuild these hormones. Your body requires a specific level of hormones for stable health and with the inclusion of hormone replacement therapy people are starting to feel young and vibrant again.

Our hormones are 100% safe and identical to the hormones our bodies naturally produce. Infinity Medical Institute’s bio-natural hormone replacement therapy does NOT bare the same risks and side effects that are associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapies. Most synthetic hormone options are only 6-8% identical to our body’s hormones therefore potentially releasing a high percentage of free radicals into the body.


The overall process for hormone replacement therapy is very simple. Each individual will be required to participate in various tests to determine hormone deficiency as well as other health ailments they may be affected by. It is recommended that men affected by prostate cancer and pregnant women do not utilize hormone replacement therapy.

The following are three types of hormone replacement therapy available at Infinity Medical Institute:

  • Pellet hormone therapy is another option for those looking for hormone replacement therapy. It is a maintenance free option for improved quality of life along with menopause symptom relief. Learn more about pellet hormone therapy.


Successfully treating over 40,000 patients, we are the leading experts in BHRT (Bio-natural hormone replacement therapy) serving the greater Tampa, Florida area. Infinity Medical Institute’s exclusive hormone therapy options are not only the most effective in our field but they cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

We treat the cause of the symptom, not just mask the symptom with some synthetic temporary option. Using a natural solution to deliver a long lasting effect, our patients achieve optimal levels to that of when they were young active adults living life in their prime. Prime is when our bodies were are at their peak performance and restoring our patients back to this youthful physiological state is our ultimate goal.

Infinity Medical Institute uses the most advanced products, services and protocols available to date. Bio-natural hormone replacement is our expertise and core focus. Many physicians and medical practices experiment in our field but few have the experience or knowledge needed to achieve optimal levels and more importantly, maintain and sustain these levels for their patients.

Infinity Medical Institute 100% guarantees that we will achieve optimal hormone levels for our patients. Utilizing our vast patient experience and integrative medicine knowledge we are confident that we can help individuals achieve ultimate symptom relief and restored quality of life. We not only guarantee to achieve optimal hormone levels for our patients we expect them to experience a renewed sense of youth and vitality.

If you’re considering using hormone replacement therapy to help improve your health and life feel free to take our hormone replacement therapy test.


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