CannaCare Foundation Cares: When Nobody Else Does.

We only hold free clinics in communities that invite us. Motivated community members, community leaders, and/or local nonprofits join together to host CannaCare Rx Clinics .

CannaCare Rx Foundation sends Cannacare Clinics to Rural Communities  CannaCare Rx Clinic’s Preventative and routine medical care for the whole family.


We provide mobile units, tools, organization, and logistics as a part of our partnership. Once we complete the planning phases with you, we bring equipment and core volunteers to set up a turnkey clinic in your town or Senior Community.


Cannacare Foundation is a nonprofit that helps cannabis patients who are low-income, disabled, and live in USA. The foundation provides financial assistance to cover the cost of doctor’s referrals and the Free medical cannabis card. Anyone who has a disability award letter from the Social Security Administration and makes less than $1,000 a month may apply

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment-
Coming soon
Canna Anonymous

We will help you find the help treatment that you need. We are passionate about providing the best care and treatment options to give each and every client the best chance at recovery.

Learn more about how you can bring CannaCare Rx Clinics to your community!

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak closely and will keep our patients informed of any major changes. Medical Marijuana has been deemed an essential medical service in the state of Florida and around the country in this time of COVID-19 distancing. This shows the importance that medical cannabis plays in managing chronic conditions, and our physicians will be here to maintain your wellness. We will continue to monitor state and federal guidelines, and follow all recommendations to protect our staff and patients. Thank you for choosing CC

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